Roar Projects’ aim is to build brands from the ground up and turn them into commercially viable business models. With one foot in the boardroom and one foot on the street, Roar Projects specialises in creating unforgettable customer experiences.

Established in 2002, the Roar Projects portfolio is ever expanding deeper into Melbourne’s hospitality scene. The team get stuff done, and have a habit of connecting people and businesses, with ground breaking strategies and fresh ideas. The founding partners, Hatem Saleh, Simon Digby, Tony Perna and Sami Saleh, merged their individual expertise nearly 20 years ago and have since continued to (succeed) in controlling the chaos that comes hand-in-hand with running several premium Melbourne Venues.

There is no denying that the Melbourne hospitality scene is a diverse landscape. Roar Projects know how to fit in, but stand out, how to do something differently, but be on trend, whilst forgetting what’s current.

The eclectic portfolio ranges from underground techno clubs to health and wellbeing cafes and the teams expertise lie in clubs, restaurants, events, bars, venue management and more.

Above all, Roar Projects is focused on providing outstanding customer service, making sure each experience we create or host, is unsurpassable. Actions speak louder than words.