Mix up your work week with Ms Collins

Whether you work in the Melbourne CBD or want to enjoy a casual drink with friends, Ms Collins is a stylish hotspot.

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Christmas Events At Ms Collins

Ms Collins is the ultimate Winter Wonderland, and perfect for your Christmas Function.
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Christmas Events At Alumbra

Alumbra is a gem of a venue when it comes to Christmas (well, always!). The expert team specialise in events which will leave your guests amazed.
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Why Whisky?

What is whisky to us at Roar Projects?

Whisky isn’t just another product on the bar to us, whisky is a story telling product to us. Everything from what is on the label to what is inside the bottle speaks volumes for what the customer is spending their money on and we wanted to be involved in that in every way. We have long held a special place in our hearts for whisky, long before we decided to open our own specialty whisky bar we had always stocked more whiskies than what we should have. We coveted them, we hoarded them, we chased them down to wherever we could find them. Duty free, business trips, long lost country bottle shops everything was fair game in the search of that elusive bottle.

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Project Managment

Roar Projects not only specialise in running venues but they also have over 20 years experience in the project management of events. Read more

Event planning 101

We met with Rebecca Lafontaine, Roar Projects Senior Events Logistics Coordinator to suss out her top tips for event planning.
Because she works across all of the Roar Projects venues, Rebecca knows the ins and outs of making sure an event runs smoothly right from the off set.
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More Than Just A Venue- An Icon In Herself

It’s no secret that Ms Collins is one of the hottest nightlife spots in Melbourne. Located in the very heart of the CBD, Ms Collins prime location makes her ideal destination for fashion, glamour and some of the most well-known celebrity faces.

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