Event planning 101

We met with Rebecca Lafontaine, Roar Projects Senior Events Logistics Coordinator to suss out her top tips for event planning.
Because she works across all of the Roar Projects venues, Rebecca knows the ins and outs of making sure an event runs smoothly right from the off set.

What is an important detail clients always forget when planning their event?
People always forget the importance of dietary requirements. We have a specialist team who can cater for all demographics and requirements, but if we aren’t made aware of these specific needs, then they will not be taken into consideration. They are really important for making sure an event runs smoothly – people love food!

What’s the number one piece of advice you would give to all clients?

No detail is too small – the more we can know, the better a job we can do.

What would you recommend clients know before they book?
Data. The number of guests that will be in attendance, the theme they want and their budget.

What is the most essential thing you need to understand before a client books?
Their vision and what they want from their event. Referring back to my past point, the more we know, the better.

Do clients tend to want to do events that are on trend or do they want their event to be unique and stand out?
Mostly people want their event on trend. There’s so much event inspo out there. We get a lot of people asking for similar things, but we always manage to find a way to make each event special and unique.

Can you tell us a funny story about any of the events you have run?
There are soooo many, but I have one I will never forget. It was peak function season and we have a lunchtime and evening event on the same day. One of our AV technicians was setting up a confetti cannon for the evening event prior to the first event commencing. With no warning, the cannon suddenly exploded with bright pink and white confetti just as the lunch time guests were arriving. Luckily, everyone saw the funny side and the client ended up loving the extra decoration!

Finally, can you sum up event planning in three words?
Empathetic (I don’t think that’s is a really a descriptive word, but you definitely have to have a lot of empathy for the client!)

We told you – she knows it all.
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