More Than Just A Venue- An Icon In Herself

It’s no secret that Ms Collins is one of the hottest nightlife spots in Melbourne. Located in the very heart of the CBD, Ms Collins prime location makes her ideal destination for fashion, glamour and some of the most well-known celebrity faces.

So how did Ms Collins become who she is today?

Well…. It all started in the 1960s.

Never born to be a typical 60s housewife, this Parisienne socialite thrived of living life on the wild side. With a husband who was always busy travelling on business trips and a desire to party, Ms Collins begun to throw some of the most outrageous house parties known to Paris. With her remarkable attention to detail, gorgeous looks, and cheeky habits, her house quickly became the most sought after party spot in all of Paris.

However eventually becoming bored of the standard house parties, Ms Collins took her desires to another level. Desperate for change, she had heard Melbourne had plenty to offer when it came to nightlife, prompting her to open her very own nightclub right here in Melbourne.

Today, not much has changed. Week in and out you will find Ms Collins filled with the most glamorous of faces, stirring up the most delicious drinks and always being the life of the party.

Disgruntled by the ordinary, she keeps her heritage-listed building feeling young with modern touches on every corner. From graffiti on the walls, to quirky neon’s that light up the venue, and all the theatrics that come with her exclusive booth packages, she won’t be settling down anytime soon.

Not only does she nail the party aspect, Ms Collins also knows how to entertain those who like to keep things a little more ‘low-key’. Hosting the most elegant functions, her mouth-watering food options and fancy drinks tick all the boxes in the minds those fancy corporate types.

If you haven’t yet been to visit her, you really are missing something spectacular. She’s waiting for you.