Ms Collins

Ms Collins is an intersection of food, fashion, music and art. The space offers a blend of style and substance and caters to the forever young at heart.


Perfectly situated at the end of the historic Docklands runway, Alumbra's New York inspired décor creates a sense of stepping in to the bustling streets of NYC.


Xe54 has endeavoured to create a space and offering unlike any other in our cityscape. With an avant-garde feel and aesthetic, Xe54 is Melbourne's answer to Europe's techno club scene.

The Whisky Boutique

The Whisky Boutique is a bespoke space designed to encourage experiencing whisky from all over the world. Featuring never-before-seen expressions, bottling's and single malts.

Greenfields Albert Park

Away from the hustle bustle of the inner city Centre, and situated in the beautiful surroundings of Albert Park Lake, Greenfields is a pet friendly entry with beautiful views of the lake and the golf course. A Roar Projects associated venue.

Ms Collins Champagne Bar

Ms Collins’ Champagne Bar is the room she only opens to her most luxurious of guests. Donned in marble and pink, the room is the perfect tribute to her exquisite and delicate tastes. Come on in and try the best champagne she has to offer, paired with cheeses, strawberries and chocolate - indulge! The Champagne Bar is the ultimate space for the perfect night out.